Update the products with the removed ETIM-classes

The ETIM standard is a product classification system that is constantly evolving. Unnecessary ETIM classes, whose characteristics no longer correspond to the characteristics of the products, may therefore be removed. This can also happen with the release of the new ETIM classification version.

Products whose ETIM-class has been decommissioned can be easily found in product portfolio. In the product portfolio, you will find a search field that you can use to conveniently list your own company’s products from which the ETIM-class has been removed. See below for instructions on how to search for such products and also find a replacement ETIM-class for them.

1. LVI-INFO.fi’s product portfolio has a search field that can be used to list your company’s products whose ETIM-class has been removed.

2. Select change basket and add and show basket

3. The product card has an inscription from the discontinued ETIM class. Click on the removed ETIM-class

4. The CMT-page proposes a new ETIM class to replace the deleted class

5. Add the code of the proposed new ETIM class to “Search for class” and the program will display the replacement class information

As in this case, the program may propose several new ETIM-classes to replace the removed one. In this case, it is worthwhile to study the characteristics of the categories and make a choice based on which ETIM-class the product belongs to.