Frequently asked questions

In order to master the material flow in the construction process as a whole, the products must be digitally identified. It is not important, with what code the product is identified – as long as it is. Only then can the whole supply chain make a best of the various product databases. The reason for the existence of many kinds of different codes is simply the fact that there are so many industry unique product databases. Only when used together can they cover the whole construction process.

You can GTIN-code – also known EAN code –  from GS1 Finland, which also acts as the administrator of the system.

See here for more info.

Finding products with insufficient product information is very easy.

When you log in, the first page to open is your Company home page. By choosing Statistics tab, you can easily list products with various criteria (see picture below).

In the Statistics tab, there are three icons representing different statistics:  Product information,  ETIM-information and Product pictures. Below the icons you’ll find various features relating to each type of information.

By clicking the right hand pen above the desired feature, you can see, how many products are missing the feature in question, locate them and update the needed information.

The left hand pen will tell you how many products already have the feature in question.