Product data status

In Company home page there is a view called Graphs, where all the statistics of company’s product information (product details, ETIM-information, images) can be seen in one view.

The colour of the graphs will tell you about the completeness of your product information: if the graph is red, the situation is alarming: your product information is deficient and needs to be completed promptly. Yellow is a colour for satisfactory state of product information, as the green is close to perfect – 98% of all information is specified (as seen in the view below).

Note that the graphs do not indicate the validity of product information – merely the completeness of it. The customer is always responsible of the validity of the product information.

Locating incomplete product information at the database is easy. If you need to trace for example all product information lacking country of origin, just click the pencil after that particular feature – as seen in the picture below – and the database will show you all the products lacking country of origin. You can then list them, move them to Edit Basket and complete the information.