User IDs

In database there are different ID’s, each associated with a different level of rights. The ID’s are: the Main User, the User and the User with limited access.

There can only be one Main User in the company. Main User can acquire new LVI-numbers, manage and remove products and product information. Main User can also manage contact details and for example brands in the Company home page. Main User manages all the user ID’s in the company and can issue new user ID’s.

Note that if the company is already a customer, new user ID’s are also possible to order by simply registering in the database as a new user (see below).  A new username will be sent to applicant’s private email.

The User can order new LVI-numbers, manage and remove product and product information. There can be several User ID’s in the company.

The User with a limited access can view information but has no right to manage product information. As a User with limited access, it is however possible to list the products in the excel sheet, and for company’s own products there are more accurate search criteria than in a normal search function.